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A Set for Movies: Before you come, watch some of the 12 movies made in Savannah and then while in visit the shooting locations and see how they were used to film Forrest Gump, The Legend of Bagger Vance, the Forces of Nature, the General's Daughter - visit the Savannah seen by Robert Redford, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, John Travolta, Denzel Washington and Matt Damon.
African-American History: From the establishment of the first Black church in America to the struggles of the civil rights movement, Savannah is a history lesson in the merging of the African Diaspora with the European immigrants in Savannah - both settlers of the New World.  Today with a African-American Mayor and City Council majority, the African descendents lead Savannah for the first time in its history. Savannah - where "40 acres and a mule" began.
Religious Services: What more of an accessible insight to a culture than through religious services.  On one weekend you could even attend four different services offering the wisdom and celebration of very different religious group in Savannah.
Engage the Young People: A trip to Savannah does not have to exclude young people but the grownups will need to set the stage for the kids to see Savannah - as an exercise in discovery of clues to our history and to the coastal ecosystem.  We help you locate the child-friendly places and to think about creating a sense of wonder, as Rachael Carson would wish for them.  The salt marsh teems with tiny fiddler crabs while their relatives, the ghost crabs, only come out at night on the beach.  Cougars and Great Horned Owls live at Oatland Island Education Center; native fishes swim at the aquarium on Skidaway Island while the alligators swim free at the Savannah Wildlife Refuge.


Tybee Time: Get out on the salt water to feel the tides, see the dolphins and walk on the undeveloped barrier islands.  Rarely will you have the opportunity to be on such an undeveloped coast in the US; we help you find out how to explore this critical moon-powered ecosystem for fiddler crabs, osprey, dolphins, arctic terns and sand dollars, unique to the coastal environment.
Enjoy the Water: There are many ways to access the waters that surround Savannah and we have tracked down the folks that can take you there with whatever level of comfort and exposure to nature that you desire.

Industrial History: Ocean navigation required that one of the first structures be a lighthouse on Tybee; speculative investment in a canal connecting the Savannah River with the Ogeechee was superseded by the coming of the railroads that produced the roundhouse (to turn the trains around at the end of the line) in Savannah.  The cotton gin invented in Savannah by tutor Eli Whitney revolutionized the economy of the South.  The grid pattern in the marshes is a reminder of the rice cultivation around Savannah.  In their time these industrial & commercial ventures were as significant to Savannah as any invention of today.
Urban Design: Savannah, with its unique town plan dating from 1733, is a mixture of residential, commercial, private and public uses; come study what works and what does not as Savannah's citizens, government and businesses attempt to balance conflicting uses.  Should new structures be contemporary or should they be replications? Should tourism, bars and restaurants overpower the residential character?  Come think about these and many other issues in Historic Savannah.
Military History: Lt. Robert E. Lee helped lay out a fort.  WWII Allied Commander George C. Marshall at one point was in command of the CCC corps at the military installation on Tybee.  Polish general Pulaski introduced the cavalry to the Revolutionary troops in Savannah.  The owner of a home built for $100,000 in the 1800s hosted General Sherman at the end of his "March to the Sea" after he torched much of the South.  "Star Wars" technology in the form of the newly invented rifled cannon defeated the impregnable Ft. Pulaski in just a few days.  Military history from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Spanish American war and WWII permeates Savannah.


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