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Leopold's Ice Cream

212 East Broughton Street (in the Historic District)




Leopoldís Ice Cream Parlor once sat at the corner of Habersham and Gwinnett. For 50 years Peter and George Leopold churned family recipes for Savannahís people. It was a social gathering place, and where you brought your fancy molds before a party and had them filled with pistachio studded Tutti Frutti or creamy Rum bisque. Twenty seven years ago the old establishment closed the doors and Stratton Leopold stored his familyís legacy of iron chairs and marble topped tables, and the long black marble counter for 35 years while he produced movies and Leopoldís became a memory, something families talked about at Thanksgiving and Easter when the ice cream desserts did not taste the same and there was nowhere to carry a melon mold for a Tutti Frutti fix.

But now Leopoldís is back. Peterís son, Stratton, has taken a break from Hollywood Ė see The Generalís Daughter with John Travolta -and reopened the doors of Leopoldís at 212 E. Broughton. Above him is the same kind of tin ceiling that hovered over his father and he leans into a cold array of ice cream bins that is encased by his fatherís wooden counter and filled with confections made with fresh ingredients spelled out in the original recipes. Locals are digging into the back of pantry closets to pull out their motherís melon mold and resume a civilized life and move on to other topics at the birthday luncheon. You will not want to miss the ice cream sundaes and shakes. For the lactose-intolerant Leopoldís is squeezing fresh key limes and serving them up as a sherbet. It will not be garish green, but a pale, delicate shade of the real thing. Leopoldís has a tradition of all natural ingredients, no food coloring here. Or try a combination of the orange sherbet and pineapple-ice, possibly the most refreshing experience Savannah has to offer.

Stratton Leopold

Proprietor with a lot of heart!