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Mrs. Wilkes' Boarding House

serving in true boarding house style since before WWII

great food and great conversation around the table!

107 West Jones St. (in the historic district)

open 11:00 - 2:00 Monday - Friday



Until a few years ago there was not even a sign out front and still it is hard to find in the phone book; the easiest way to find it is by the line standing out front.  Mrs. Wilkes' has been in operation since before WWII when the soldiers began taking their dishes to the kitchen after a meal, a tradition that continues today.  It really was a boarding house for years.  You will be seated with 10 others at a large table covered with choices of vegetables and meats but always include her wonderful fried chicken and biscuits.  This is a family business and continues under the energetic direction of great-grandson Ryan Thompson with support from his mom, Marsha and dad Ronnie.  Take time to read the awards and newspaper clippings around the room; you will be impressed.  You can begin a conversation at your table about what direction to pass the bowls but continue with an exchange of information on your fellow diners are learning about Savannah.

With a stop here and at Johnny Harris Restaurant you will be an expert on Savannah's culinary history and traditions which are unmatched almost anywhere in the South.

Ronnie, Marsha, Ryan

Typical Spread

Taking dishes to the kitchen