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Express Takeout & Catering

108 E. York Street (in the Historic District)

Proprietor: Johnny De Beer

Hours: 11-6 Monday-Saturday



A great new addition to the Historic District for a shrimp salad, soup, stuffed baked potato, kabob, sandwich or a serious meal without a serious price!  Zunzi's is not only a great place to pickup lunch and, since they are open until six, this is also a very convenient place to get a delicious and reasonably priced dinner to take home from work.  They bake their own breads which are also for sale.  An incredible range of well done selections comes from this little corner of the Historic District, just off of Drayton St.  Johnny may be a South African import but he understand our tastes here in Savannah.

Examples of Sandwiches

They Call it.. What's included... Prices
The Fisherman's Deck Charbroiled Salmon on French Bread 5.95
Chas Schnitte Baked Ham, Cheese and Asparagus with tomato 4.25
Burger Jo Burg Style Beef charbroiled with bacon, fried egg, cheese, lettuce & tomato 5.95
Market Fresh Sandwiches Ham, turkey or roast beef on French bread, white or whole wheat 3.50

Examples of Entrees

They Call it...

What's included...


Chicken A-La-King Oven Roasted Chicken added to a mushroom, potato stew served over rice or home-made mashed potatoes 5.95
Old Indian Town Currie Stew Potatoes and Beef within a homemade stew using the finest Indian spices 5.95