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Oglethorpe Speedway - Stock Car Racing

US Highway 80 west of Savannah

from downtown Savannah, Exit I-16 at Dean Forest Rd. North, Left on Hwy 80, left 1/4 mile 2nd road

Gates open at 6 pm and races start at 8

Primarily open on Fridays and sometimes on Saturday

call ahead to check if the dirt track might be wet


Oglethorpe Speedway Park

Current day gladiators work in their shop all week preparing their chariot to do battle with guys they know from prior combat, take real risks, and when they win, stand before the crowd of paying spectators sometimes apologizing to the guy whom they ran off the track.  As a spectator you can't escape the sense of power, speed and risk because you are enveloped in the sound of the pack of unmuffled engines; you know you are not watching something on a TV screen; even bits of grit accumulate on your face and in your eyes.  This is for real!

We're not talking about Budweiser sponsorship, we're talking about cars sponsored by the local dry-wall company or roofing business or body shop.  One car says "Jesus Saves" on the back.  Walking in to the track from the parking lot through the mud put you on notice that this is a dirt track and much of the skill is in sliding around the curves without losing control.  From the stands it is clear this this is bumper cars at 80+ mph for "Street Stocks", "Mini Stocks" and "Pure Stocks" as points are accumulated from a series of races over a period of weeks.